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1966 Rickman Triumph 649cc Street Métisse


1966 Rickman Triumph 649cc Street Métisse -  - Viewing Room - Haas Moto Museum Blog

- Located in the Haas Moto Museum’s History Hall, the 1966 Rickman Triumph 649cc Street Métisse motorcycle is the first ever Rickman road bike.

- The first production road bike to ever feature a disc brake.

- ‘Métisse’ originates from the French word for ‘dog of a mixed breed.’

- Designed and built by brothers Derek and Don Rickman.

- The Rickman brothers found original success in the motorcycle world as motocross racers in England in the 1960s. 

- Both brothers represented England in the Motocross des Nations throughout the 1960s and even featured on the same team in 1963 and 1964.

- Victory on the track created intrigue in their own designs and builds, and eventually they started building motorcycle frames, street machines, and fairings.

- The Rickman brothers were ultimately known for building ‘hybrids,’ or motorcycles that utilized the best parts of different makes and models.