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2009 Aileron by Christian Dotson


2009 Aileron by Christian Dotson -  - Viewing Room - Haas Moto Museum Blog

Photo by Brent Graves

"Aileron" is one of two Christian Dotson builds in the Museum. Completed in 2009, Aileron holds a number of honors to its name.

In 2009, it was awarded "America's Most Beautiful Motorcycle" by Grand National Roadster Show. That same year, Aileron also won the "Motorcycle d'Elegance" award at the San Francisco Rod, Custom & Motorcycle Show.

Aileron was also entered into the 2009 AMD World Championship, taking seventh place. In addition, Dotson was invited to the 2009 Artistry in Iron for this build. 

The honors didn't stop there.

Aileron took home 2nd place in the Freestyle Custom category in the 2010 International Motorcycle Show Dallas. The build fell short behind 'Swingshot," which is another Dotson build housed in the Museum. Three years later, in 2014, Dotson was also invited to the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show for both Aileron and Swingshot. 

Before our Museum, Aileron could also be seen at the Art of the Chopper exhibitions at the Appleton Museum of Art in Ocala, Florida and Union Station in St. Louis, Missouri.