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c. 1958 Ducati Trialbero Desmo 125cc


c. 1958 Ducati Trialbero Desmo 125cc -  - Viewing Room - Haas Moto Museum Blog

Ducati Meccanica made a monumental hire in the 1950s, bringing former Bologna University scholar Fabio Taglioni on board. The mission was clear: develop a racer capable of dominating competition.

Taglioni, of course, was responsible for the desmodromic valve system, which he implemented in this motorcycle, allowing Ducati single cylinders to reach new heights. 

"The main purpose of the (desmodromic) system is to force the valve to follow the distribution diagram as closely as possible. Energy losses are virtually negligible, performance curves are more unform and reliability is improved," - Fabio Taglioni

Around 1958, this highly innovative triple overhead camshaft racer (Trialbero meaning "three shafts") was designed and built, essentially creating the first truly recognizable Ducati. More than this, however, it was also a pinnacle point in the history of motorcycle engineering. 

When this motorcycle debuted at the Swedish Gran Prix at Hedemora, racer Degli Antoni walloped the competition - lapping every other racer and finishing in a commanding first place. 

The foundation of every modern-day Ducati still holds the DNA of Taglioni's early creation, visible now at the Haas Moto Museum.